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Torn Pt 2 - Dramione
Draco ignored Pansy's drabbel as he staired at his dinner. He wasn't exactly hungry and any food he did eat was forced. He could feel the lump in his throught grow as Hermione walked into the hall. She sat next to Ginny and refussed to glance in his direction yet she sat in his plain veiw as if taunting him.
"Drakims? Are you listening?"
"No." He muttered while taking a bite of the meat.
"You're so funny sometimes!"
He winced at her high pitched voice. "Do you realise your voice is the same as a chihuahua?"
Pansy stold up with a huff and walked away. Draco sighed and looked back at Granger. He really was in a bad mood. And to add to it his head still felt like it was splitting open. What was worse was he could still smell the strawberry on him. He pushed his food towards Crabb who dived in without a second thought and continued to watch Hermione.
"He's watching you, you know."
"I don't care." Hermione muttered while looking at her food. The food didn't help. Twice in one day she ha
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Torn Pt 1 - Dramione
She grasped the door handle tight while taking a sharp breath. Her eyes widened while she covered her mouth. She shook her head while she felt the tears slowly coming. She had sworn to never cry over the boy again. He had promised this would never happen. Why? Why had she trusted him? She closed the door as she bit her lip. One tear slid down her pail skin as she spun around and ran. She didn't care if she would get in trouble for being up so late. She just wanted to get away from him.
Draco lazily flicked his hair back and leaned against the wall. Truth be told he was alittle frightened. Petrifide really. Some how Pansy had gained access into his room and he was worried about what she left in there. There were countless spells she could use to spy on him. He ran his fingers though his hair while trying to figure out where to sleep. Like hell he was going in there without bodyguards. Well if he wasn't sleeping tonight he was better off exploring. He couldn't really care less if he
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Too many stamps...
Well I've decided to clean up my profile a bit. I got rid of most of my old stuff that I don't really like anymore. I don't do bases anymore so I deleted them all (well not all but the ones that are still there I can't really find in my Deviations. I guess I'll leave them be unless I stumble across them while DevSurfing). I'm keeping a few of my hand drawn ones that I like.

As for what I'm actually doing, I'm going to continue my Torn fanfic and turn this account into more of a writing account. I actually don't like the Torn fanfic that much, not because of the context, but because of the way it's written. I'm going to write Part 3 then go back and fix Parts 1 and 2. I want to fix it up and make them better because the second one is pretty bad now that I look over it. plus there are soooo many mistakes in it. I like to think my writting style has improved since then so hopefully I can fix them up ;)
I'll be writting other fanfics too along with Torn but they will all be oneshots.

Also, I've fallen in love with the comic "Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name" by vert-is-ninja. It's just so... Gnee~



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