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August 4, 2009
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She grasped the door handle tight while taking a sharp breath. Her eyes widened while she covered her mouth. She shook her head while she felt the tears slowly coming. She had sworn to never cry over the boy again. He had promised this would never happen. Why? Why had she trusted him? She closed the door as she bit her lip. One tear slid down her pail skin as she spun around and ran. She didn't care if she would get in trouble for being up so late. She just wanted to get away from him.


Draco lazily flicked his hair back and leaned against the wall. Truth be told he was alittle frightened. Petrifide really. Some how Pansy had gained access into his room and he was worried about what she left in there. There were countless spells she could use to spy on him. He ran his fingers though his hair while trying to figure out where to sleep. Like hell he was going in there without bodyguards. Well if he wasn't sleeping tonight he was better off exploring. He couldn't really care less if he was caught. As long as Pansy wasn't the one who caught him he was fine. Draco headed towards the kitchen hoping the house elves would make him something when he heard footsteps.

Draco quickly hid around the corner and flattened himself against the wall hoping not to be found. He held his breath as the footsteps passed him. They ran so fast they didn't even notice Draco. All Draco could see was a flash of brunette hair.


She ran into a abandond classroom and Draco smirked to himself. Just what he could use, a little entertainment. Draco readied his wand while slowly opening the door. No one was there and the lights were off. He entered the room and switched on the light looking around hoping to find the girl when a noise caught his attention. He saw the closet and walked to it lifting his wand with a snear. He was about to cast a spell when he heard it. The sound of sobbing.

Draco wasn't sure what to do. He had grown to learn Hermione had many moods, but sorrow wasn't one of them. She was often angry, spiteful, happy or jolly, but she hadn't been sad since they were kids. He had thought she had grown out of that emotion. He cussed himself and lowered the wand. He could easily leave. Let her drown in her own sorrow. But no, something made him stay. He took a breath and tapped the door.


"Go away Malfoy!" Her voice seemed unstedy and chocked. Draco narrowed his eyes.

"Come out here and make me!" She didn't reply which annoyed him more. The only one with the power to upset Hermione was him and he hated the thought of someone outdoing him at his job. Even worse was the fact she wasn't biting back. He had to get her out and there was only one way to do that. "Why should I care about a filthy mudblood like you?"

That did it. He had pushed as far as he needed to. He stepped back so he wouldn't be hit by the door. Hermione balled her fist and threw it at him but he caught it.

"Well it got you out now didn't it?"

She narrowed her eyes as he let her go. He had tricked her into coming out. She hated losing to the snake. Draco studied the girl for a moment alittle shocked to see her tear stained face. A thousand whitty remarks came to mind. How easily he could make her day worse. She turned to hide in the closet again but he slammed the door shut and leaned against it cutting off access.

"Are you going to tell me whats wrong or do I have to force it out of you?"

She still didn't reply. She just let her bangs cover her eyes as she held back all tears. Draco was starting to lose his patience. He grabbed her wrist but she pulled out her wand. Next thing Draco knew he was thrown back and hit the cupboard. He groaned and looked up as the cupboard wobbled before falling ontop of him. Hermione gasped and used a spell to lift it off him. She knelt down beside him and checked his pulse. He was still breathing but was knocked out. She looked around not sure what to do. If she went to the nurse she would ask why they were up so late. But then again she couldn't take him back to his room. She let a growl escape her lips while she cast a levitation spell on him.

She could of killed for Harry's cloak. What would people think if they saw her out this late levitating a passed out Malfoy? There was only one place she could hide him. Her own room. She hated the idea but it was the only place he could go. She closed her door behind her and placed Draco on the bed. She went to his side and brushed his hair from his face. There was a small lump on his head when he must of been hit but nothing too bad. She sighed happy that she didn't kill him. She groaned while realising she was going to be spending the night on the floor.


Draco groanded while reaching up to his throbbing head. He could feel a small lump which seemed to be the sorce of the pain. He winced his eyes open and slowly took in his serroundings. The room seemed strangly red. He removed his hand from his head and pushed himself up.

"That's the last time I try to help Granger," he muttered while his head stopped spinning. He heard something move and turned to a bundle of rags on the floor. He got out of the bed and stepped closer. It was Hermione and her hair was a mess. She still had tear marks which either ment she was crying in her sleep or she hadn't been asleep long. He looked around realising he was in her room and with the light he guessed it must of been sunrise. He sighed before looking down at the girl again. Atleast it had saved him from Pansy.

Hermione shived lightly which drew Draco's attention. After all her blanket didn't seem like the warmest and the floor wasn't exactly his choice of sleeping arrangements. He growled while running his fingers though his hair again.

"Stupid girl."

He bent down and wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. He placed her on the bed before covering her with the blankets. He glared down at the girl. She was the center of his pain. A mudblood, smarter then him. It was a disgrace to the Malfoy name. He was a disgrace to the Malfoy name. His father always compaired her to him. He could never get his father's approval no matter how hard he tried. And she was to fault

Hermione move slightly and a strand of hair fell from her face.

No. She wasn't to blame. What had she done other then the same as him? Seek other's approval. His glare sofened as he pulled back. If he was here he was going to make the best of it.


Hermione's eyes opened to the sound of rain. No, it couldn't be rain. She could feel the sun shine on her face. She pulled herself up and looked around. She was in bed. Malfoy was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes quickly snapped to the bathroom door as she herd the "rain" stop. She reached over to grab her wand and quickly ran to the door. She held it ready incase of attack before opening the door. She dropped her wand as her mouth fell open.

There was Malfoy with nothing bout a towel losly wrapped around his waist. She couldn't help but stare at him. He was still wet and he was well toned. Not overly muscular but definatly noticible.

"Do you mind?"

She snapped out of it while her face heated up.

"I-I-I'm... wh-what are.... I didn't think..."

"Obviously not. What else did you think was happening in here?" He couldn't help but smirk at her discomfort. She blushed before closing the door. A minute later Draco came back out fully clothed but his hair was sticking in many directions from being dried with a towel. Hermione was still red. Draco's smirk grew.

"What's wrong Granger? Worried Weasly will hear about that?"

Hermione stiffened at Ron's name and looked away. She had a mixture of pain and anger spread on her face. Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Is that it? What you were whining about before?"

"Get off it Malfoy!"

"Touchy," he said while glaring back at her. "come on Granger, tell me."

She turned away in anger. Draco grabbed her wrist but she turned and yelled.


Draco blinked in confussion. "Who?"


Draco raised an eyebrow. "Was he not to your satisfation?" He asked with a small smirk obviously refering to his "size".

"I walked in on him with another girl."


It went silent after that. Draco could hardly believe Weasly could get with any girl let alone two. Hermione looked away still fuming at the thought. Draco sighed before pulling her down to sit on the bed. He still had her wrist in his hand as he looked her in the eyes. He spoke clearly as if trying to get the point across.

"He... doesn't... deserve... you."

With that he got up and walked out. Hermione watched him leave in serprise.



"But it's not Ron," she sighed while looking down, "I really do deserve better." She placed a hand on his sholder and lightly smiled. "I think we'd be better off as friends."

Ron didn't seem happy about this but he mearly nodded. What else could he say to convince her? Ron sat down away from Hermione in Potions class. Professor Slughorn spoke.

"Now for the next potion we'll need partners. Harry with Hermione. Draco With Ron..."

Ron groaned in protest as Draco sat beside him.

"Have a good night Weasly?"

Ron glared at him. "Who told you?"

Draco ignored him while working on the potion. "thirteen travelsipe leaves..."

Ron couldn't really care to count and grabbed a handful. He raised his hand over the potion but Draco grabbed his wrist stopping him.


Ron ignored him and opened his hand letting them fall into the potion. As soon as they touched it the potion exploded covering the two of them in slime.


Draco glared at his reflection. His hair was green and slimy and the water wasn't getting it out. He ran his hands though his hair but stopped half way. His eyes widened as he tugged. His hands didn't budge. He heard the door open and he turned to see Hermione with something in her hands.

"What do you want?"

"This helped Ron. It'll help you too."

He read the label.


"Just spray it in you're hair and wash it out."

Draco pulled his hands alittle. "I can't."

Hermione rolled her eyes as she turned on a tap and stold behind him. She sprayed in his hair and congered a bowl to fill with water. She poured the water over his head and ran her fingers though his hair rincing it through. Draco closed his eyes enjoying the little head massage. He felt her gently playing with his hair which seemed to relax him. Suddenly something caught his attention.

"Granger? Is this strawberry?"

She didn't reply but the small giggle she allowed confermed his fears.


"Relax Malfoy. You want you're hands free don't you?"

He felt her fingers lock with his giving them a small massage. The slime seemed to lose it's grip as she poured more water over him riding it all.

"All done."

She stopped playing with his hair as he stold up. He looked at her for a second.

"Thank you Granger."

She raised an eyebrow taking up her own mocking tone, "humbled are we?"

He mearly smirked while shaking his head spraying her with water. She glared while he laughed at her. She suddenly smiled before laughing too. Draco stopped laughing to look down at the girl. She seemed so different when she was happy. His smile faded as he realised what he was doing. This was his rival. His enemy. What would his father say? Hermione senced the sudden change of mood and looked at him in concern.

"Malfoy? What is it?"

He bit his lip before glaring at her. "I can't believe I allowed myself to be touched by a filthy mudblood!"

Hermione looked at him in shock then in anger. Draco staggered back as he felt a sharp slap to his left cheek.

"God! Just when I thought you had changed you go and do this! You really are like your father!" She turned to storm off as Draco watched. Draco felt torn as he watched her walk off. What had he done?
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YAY! My first fanfic on here. I did post it originally on Quizilla but I got more Dramione friends on DeviantArt so HOPES YOU LIKE IT!!! man I make Draco into a jerk in this. Same with Ron... OH and if I make them to OOC then tell me. I havn't read the books in awhile.

Anyway comment plz. Tell me what you think 8D

YAY DRAMIONE (DracoXHermione)
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